Selasa, 02 Juli 2013


*Add the question tag at the end of the following sentences*
1. They want to come, won’t they?
2. They won’t be here, will they?
3. He has learned a lot in the last couple of years, hasn’t he?
4. She has not in car, has she?
5. Joan can’t come with us, can he?
6. Those aren’t your books, are they?
7. Everyone can learn how to play the violin, didn’t they?
8. Something is wrong with you today, isn’t it?
9. Nothing is wrong, is it?
10. She went to the campus yesterday, didn’t she?
11. You had a good time last week, hadn’t you?
12. You should leave for the airport by six, don’t you?
13. She doesn’t have cats, does she?
14. Nobody has told you the secret, did they?
15. I am right, aren’t I?
16. Let’s study English, shall we?
17. He is never late to class, is he?
18. Your parents haven’t arrived yet, are they?
19. Class ends at 11.00, isn’t it?
20. Mala sat next to Ria last meeting, aren’t they?