Senin, 10 Juni 2013



1.      Adinda said, ”I don’t want to go.”

She said she didn’t want to go.

                        2.     Bayu said, ”Meet me after class.”

He told me to meet him after class.

                   3.  “Are you said,” Said Lila.

Lila asked me if I was sad.

                   4.   “Rizky,  “ said Yuli” is me best friend.”

Yuli said Rizky was her best friend.

                        5.   “ What do you want?” said Yudha.

He asked me what I wanted.

                   6.   Is what I expelained clear?” said Mr. D.

  Mr. D asked me if what he had explained was clear or not.

                        7.    Have you ever met your idol?” said Inna.

    Inna asked me if I had met my idol.



 8.  What time is it?
         He asked me what time was.
9.     Have you read any good books lately? 

         He asked me if I had read any good books lately. 

10.    Did you finish your assignment? 

          He asked me if I finished my assignment or not. 

11.    May I borrow your English grammar book? 

          He asked me if he wanted to borrow my English grammar book. 

12.   Is what you want to talk me about important? 

         He asked me if what I wanted to talk to him about    important. 

13.    Is what you said really true? 

          He asked me if what I said really true. 

14.  Where should I meet you after class? 

          He asked me where should meet me after class. 

15.   Who do you think will win the champions league? 

          He asked me who would win the champions league.  



Minggu, 09 Juni 2013


Good manager usually have a good scejule, because a manager have to prority their work. to work efficienly and to distribute task for deputy corectly. A manager have to determining wich is work have to do now or must to done by the deputy to make it faster.


     As in working, although the chief can to typing, typisting a proposal should done by the secretary, because if it done by the chief lost of time will be wasted. just controlling is enough.


   A good manager can must have arragement goog time for worket.

    Because with out a manager people can't manager time. 

   Early we should manager time because time is worth, and if time we throw so will a bit output.

   In business time that very important and worth. If we lazy,pay acceptance by a bit.


Sabtu, 08 Juni 2013


19 years i have run my life this with love and sorrow. I have ideals that makes me spirit in running the days i was with great pleasure without any compulsion of anyone i wants to have any undertaking that is successful. And i should be able to make my parents proud of having a child the only this. And was name sandra nurhaqiqi, i was living in a village called kampung ciwates. And i was born and grew up in karawang this is on the 17 may 1994 until now. And have hobby cooking, sing, read, etc.

I attend West 1 SDN JOMIN. and I have many friends who are kind and understanding. I am out of SDN in 2006-2007 and a lot of my friends who resumed SMPN 1 NEW CITY, and I have a group in junior high school and could have friends good for grade 1 and 2 together with the group I my class mates. when riding our different class es of to class 3 and I am in class 3E friends while the other group also on different-different class.

In 2009 me out of a NEW CITY, SMPN1 I continue to SMAN1 CIKAMPEK, and  1st class I have often friend messmate making any choice when be friend thus making I don't stay class 1 and I was trying to survive for 1 year and an equally well when friends on me. when Ijumped 2 to class placed in my social studies class 2 and i got funny comical friend and my spirit in their study. After rising to class 3ips2 friends i invited me to study in the library when recess or no lesson was empty. And i passed SMAN 1 in 2012.

When I am busy looking for graduated UNIVERSITY SMAN  to continue school again and almost had me try several universities  and there are universities that accept me and I took the UNIVERSITY of GUNADARMA. I placed in the class of 1EA01 and I have good friends, and my motivation in the classroom 1EA01 it wants to become more able and understand what is explained by the lecturer. Why I entered Economic because I wanted to learn how to do business, and I take the Department management, motivation I Department of take so that I can understand business,marketing,ect.



     Human resource management responsible for receiving and develop employee.

    They usually deal with human resource planning,revenue and employee selection,training and development potential employees, salaries and employee benefits system design, formulate employees performance evaluation system,and removed the employees that does not work well with,or employees of the problem.


A human resource management shall be responsible for accepting and developing its employees.
So that employees could be about and help the junior employees who do not know about his work.

Receiving,selecting,and rejecting the lazy employees and the company diligently so as not to harmful. 

And there should be system performance appraisal employees and can take the employees do not work well.