Sabtu, 08 Juni 2013


19 years i have run my life this with love and sorrow. I have ideals that makes me spirit in running the days i was with great pleasure without any compulsion of anyone i wants to have any undertaking that is successful. And i should be able to make my parents proud of having a child the only this. And was name sandra nurhaqiqi, i was living in a village called kampung ciwates. And i was born and grew up in karawang this is on the 17 may 1994 until now. And have hobby cooking, sing, read, etc.

I attend West 1 SDN JOMIN. and I have many friends who are kind and understanding. I am out of SDN in 2006-2007 and a lot of my friends who resumed SMPN 1 NEW CITY, and I have a group in junior high school and could have friends good for grade 1 and 2 together with the group I my class mates. when riding our different class es of to class 3 and I am in class 3E friends while the other group also on different-different class.

In 2009 me out of a NEW CITY, SMPN1 I continue to SMAN1 CIKAMPEK, and  1st class I have often friend messmate making any choice when be friend thus making I don't stay class 1 and I was trying to survive for 1 year and an equally well when friends on me. when Ijumped 2 to class placed in my social studies class 2 and i got funny comical friend and my spirit in their study. After rising to class 3ips2 friends i invited me to study in the library when recess or no lesson was empty. And i passed SMAN 1 in 2012.

When I am busy looking for graduated UNIVERSITY SMAN  to continue school again and almost had me try several universities  and there are universities that accept me and I took the UNIVERSITY of GUNADARMA. I placed in the class of 1EA01 and I have good friends, and my motivation in the classroom 1EA01 it wants to become more able and understand what is explained by the lecturer. Why I entered Economic because I wanted to learn how to do business, and I take the Department management, motivation I Department of take so that I can understand business,marketing,ect.


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