Kamis, 26 Mei 2016


1.      If a customer orders chocolate ice cream from the restaurant, he or she will get extra toppings.
2.      The hotel front desk clerk  won't offer you special price room rates if you don’t ask.
3.      If it rains heavily, will your home end up under water?
4.      If she works harder, she will finish  her paper in time.
5.      Peter would pass (pass) the examination if he studied well.
6.      Roni could win the competition if he practiced (practice) more.
7.      We wouldn’t know that our parents came if my teacher did not tell (tell; negative) us.
8.      Don’t expect too much if you want (want) to be happy.
9.      Had I known that Desti was a liar, I would not have told (tell) my secret.
10.  If she had known (know) there was a test, she would have prepared for it well.
11.  We had done (do) our work if our computer had not broken down.
12.  If he were (be) more confident during the interview, he might have the job he wanted.
13.  They would have lost their bag if they had left (leave) it in the hotel.
14.  If she had decided (decide) earlier, she could have left on the morning flight.
15.  Had I known his address, I would have written (write) him a letter.
16.  If the roofer doesn’t come soon, the rain leaks (leak) inside.
17.  My cat always sleeps if it watches (watch) drama on TV.
18.  If you see (see) John tonight, please ask him to call his mother.
19.  If I did (do) a good job, I would get the raise.
20.  My lecturer will not accept my work if I submit (submit) it in late.
21.  If we had known her, we would have talked  (talk) to her.
22.  They would understand it if you explained (explain) it to them more slowly.
23.  I were (rich), I would travel around the world.
24.  She would have understood her English teacher if she had spoken (speak) slowly.
25.  If my headache disappeared, I could play (play) tennis this morning.