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Artikel yang berkaitan dengan manajemen yang mengandung unsur tenses simple past dan present perfect    

Catfish Becomes Major Commodities 

(1.) The government will make catfish as one of the main commodities that will be maximized for indonesian’s food self-sufficiency. (2.)  Coordinator of Minister for maritime Indroyo Susilo said the election of catfish as the mainstay because catfish is a fish that contain lots of nutrients with cheap price. 
“Even though Catfish is the cheapest, (3.) it has a lot of animal protein,” (2.) he said after a meeting at his office, Jakarta, Thursday (29/01/2015).

Moreover, Indroyono (2.) said that (4.) catfish has been well known even to the European continent. “we can sell to Europe,” he added. Besides catfish, he (5.) also would make other fisheries commodities such as shrimp, grouper, red snapper, tilapia and catfish as the main commodity.

(2.)He also said (4.)that the government has targeted Indonesia aquaculture production shoul reach 31.3 million tons. To achieve these targets, (3.) the government must meet a few things that could support aquaculture. For (3.) the culvation needs 7 things that must be met, namely, location, seed, feed, medicine, technology and markets. (Amd/NRM). 
     1.  simple future
           2. simple past tense (KUNING)
           3. present tense
     4. present perfect tense  (BIRU MUDA)  
     5. past future

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